Outputs from this project

On this page, we will aim to bring together key outputs from this ESRC Impact Acceleration Project, including, but not restricted to, talks, events, writing etc. We hope that this page will become a useful repository of our knowledge exchange and impact and engagement work over the lifecycle of the project in 2020-2021, and beyond.

Contribution to the NCT’s Annual General Meeting 2020

Contribution to webinar on: Impact of Covid-19 on families: a focus on new parents, children, and people with learning disabilities, with reflections from professional practice, March 2021

Link to recording here

ESRC Festival of Social Science Event: Becoming a Parent in a Pandemic, November 2020

Becoming a Parent….in a Pandemic – organised by Ranjana and Paul – as an ESRC Festival of Social Science event, drew upon their joint research and showcased 8 external speakers from leading practitioner, policy and public avenues. Speakers came from the National Childbirth Trust, the Institute of Health Visiting, Dorset MIND, The Fatherhood Institute, PND Hour, the Lancashire NHS Trust and the ROSHNI2 project, the Universities of Surrey, Bournemouth and East Anglia, and included new parents of 2020 as speakers. The event had approximately 500 sign-ups and close to 300 attendees on the day, generating a significant amount of live audience engagement, and social media feedback, engagement and commentary on the #FOSSParents2020 hashtag. The full event recording is available for viewing below.

Talk on maternal perinatal wellbeing and the complex roles of digital technologies

This was delivered on two occasions in November 2020 – first, at the NIHR ARC Kent-Surrey-Sussex launch event and next at the Performing Maternities symposium, University of Brighton

Becoming a Parent……..in a Pandemic: Our ESRC Festival of Social Science event on 11th November 2020

We are focusing some of our broader work in the area on the specific challenges brought on by the COVID19 pandemic. This will form part of our broader work with the iHV but we are also hosting a free, virtual, public event on 11th November called Becoming a parent in a pandemic as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, bringing together practitioners, social scientists and members of the public, on the challenges and support needs of those who became parents amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The event aims to reflect the unique and specific impacts that new mothers and fathers had to cope with as birthing, postnatal and antenatal support, and wider social support all changed dramatically in 2020, amidst the threat of a virus and a global lockdown. Speakers will include new parents of 2020 and those from the NCT, the iHV, PND and Me, ROSHNI2, the Fatherhood Institute, Bournemouth University and of course us at the University of Surrey The link to sign-up to attend this free event virtually is here, please do join us!

Our blog for the Voices newsletter for the Institute of Health Visiting, October 2020, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day


Our research synthesis delivered at the September Forum of the Institute of Health Visiting (iHV), September 2020

This talk addressed an audience from a health visiting and maternity background but also including some mental health professionals and parent representatives.

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